Subscribe Star Adult – October 2022 – Tier III

I thank you for your support for October 2022 via Subscribe Star Adult.

According with the Tier III support

Your reward is the .rar files contents all pictures, step process, nativ files and printings of the month.
Click on the links below for downloading the different .rar files.

Step process files - Download 202210_step_process.rar

PSD files - Download 202210_psd.rar

Yonkoma #75 - Desperately Waiting - Download 20221020_desperately_waiting.rar

Knip Gge - Download 202210_knip_gge.rar

Mr Odlid - Download 202210_mr_odlid.rar

All printing deliveries will be sent in November 2022 for Tier III & IV.
You will be informed by private message via Subscribe Star of the sending of the print

Although the file is guaranteed virus free. However, please use an anti-virus to control what you download
the link is available until December, 05th, 2022.