What a paradox to drown the fish in the water !
You will find, perhaps, in this section the answers to the questions that one doesn't ask me very often !
Tremble thinking that you will probably find no answer !

General questions

emoko.moe is a self-publishing website of webmanga.

Thus emoko is the contraction of three Japanese terms:

  • Erotishizumu (エロティシズム) is translated by eroticism.
  • MOe (萌え) refers to an affection or condition for kawaii or cute.
  • KOwai (怖い) means scary.

It's possible to translate approximately Erosu MOe KOwai by : "Eroticism is Scary."

This is the path that has been taken. (^///^)

For sure, there is ecchi (エ ッ チ) which is a Japanese word that can be translated as "indecent", "lecherous" or very often "pervert". In Japan, the term is used with a sexual connotation that may have the meaning of "sexually inappropriate", "sex", "erotic" or "pornographic". While in the West, the word ecchi is used to define Asian mangas and cartoons with sexual connotations. This is the definition on Wikipedia.

Still according to Wikipedia, hentai (変 態) is a Japanese term meaning "transformation", "metamorphosis" or "perversion". But in the West, it is used to refer to manga and pornographic cartoons. (^ u ^)

With the images put forward, I think you have some of the answer. The content on this site is intended primarily for a major adult audience and informed.

The content and images on this site are protected by copyright and may not be used for commercial purposes without my consent. I thank you in advance for asking permission, proof of your devotion to my creations. MOUHAHAHAHAHA ! (^O^)

Ahem ! Please excuse me for this little digression ! m(_ _)m

Masturbating ? Are you serious ? I really don't want to know anything and you don't need to have my permission for that. (>_<)

Technical questions on drawing

For tools, paper and pencil are the basis.

On the computer side, I'm PC with Adobe Creative Suite. Photoshop allows me to do some of the research work and the effects application. Then, Illustrator is used for cleaning and colorization. Finally, the application of dialogue bubbles and some onomatopoeia are modeled with Illustrator and/or InDesign.

Who spoke about a graphics tablet ? Of course having a graphics tablet is handy for drawing in Photoshop and it's a Wacom Cintiq 13HD. A very good quality, price and space! Wait for the sales periods for purchases ! (^ W ^)

Come on, this is not a product placement ! Hu hu hu ! (^. ^)

At first, as an autodidact. Then during my student years, to join a graphic design school that offers drawing classes, allowed me to consolidate the bases and fill the gaps, but also in analysis and computer graphics. I thank again my different sensei for their teachings. (^_^)

Miracles don't exist. Drawing requires a lot of time and personal work. As a scribe for a Goddess of Lust, I must continue to learn through books and tutorials / videos. Today, the Internet is a gold mine for finding various courses, methods and techniques. What's more, without taking out a sub ! (^. ^)

In short, you have to be a little masochist to love drawing, because it's long and hard. (^_^;)

"Hey, but that's not the beginning of a half joke ...... ???" (- -;)

Personal questions

It would be a lie if I write : "I hate hentai (or H things)."

The discovery of this Pandora's box was by chance and curiosity when reading a video game magazine. A special notebook was devoted to manga and japanimation, and 2 pages were dedicated to hentai. (*'o'*)

The opening of this mythical box, was in bookstore, by reading the 1st volume of a U-Jin's manga, Shin Angel. (^ω^)
Then with the appearance of the 1st French specialized publishers, late 90s, mark my first purchase with Dynamite Milk of the artist Itoyoko.
Year 2000, I bought the volumes 1, 2 and 4 of the Silky Whip series by Itoh Ogure (Oh, Great!) and talked about artists like Oshiki Hitoshi and Tony Taka.

To make easier, I will make a list by period and in alphabetical order. (^_^)

In the 2000's : Ishikei, Oh,Great!, Oshiki Hitoshi, Tony Taka.
In the 2010's : Akatsuki Myuuto, Akinosora, Bota Mochito, Gunma Kisaragi, Kikurage, Koku, Koume Keito, Mda-Starou, Oda Non, Orange Maru, Pinvise, Pyon-Kti, Saitom, Shintarou, Udon-ya, Yamatogawa.

It's already a good list. Good research & reading ! (-_^)