Gluttony Pack 3 Books A4/112p + Ex-Libris

Why the Lust doesn'nt wear Panties ? Gluttony Pack
3 Books A4/112p + Ex-Libris


Sinner among Sinners, follow the intersecting Fates of a Goddess of lust, a blue succubus and a perverted nekomata in an original comic with a weird title. Travel with them in the 9 Circles of Hell where hentai, kawaii and weirdness intertwine to discover the final Fall.

You aren't shy and you have none of the issues, the Gluttony pack is for you. This pack contains Circles I, II & III, as well as its three ex-libris.

Product details

Content : 1 book of 32 pages + 2 book of 40 pages + 3 ex-libris
Width x Height :
21 x 29,7 cm (A4 format)
Orientation : vertical
Binding : Metallic point
Paper : Matt coated
Inside paper : 130 g/m² in color
Cover : Classic demimatt - Matt coated 300g/m² film coated
Cover weight : 300 g/m²
Printer : Pixart Printing

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