Helfreija VALSHAMIR – The Goddess of Lust

The Goddess of Lust

Available in the shop with the Greedy Pack.
Published by Kyuken on December, 13th, 2022.

Type Hero
Level 3
Element When the War lost her Panties - Lumen Element IconLumen
is strong against Umbra
and weak against Umbra
Health 5
Range 2
Speed 3
Act 2
Class When the War lost her Panties - King Class IconKing is the most important character. The Battle ends when the King is defeated. When the King is attacked and benefits the Castling effect.
Castling is when the King is targeted by an attack, a Rook can switch places with the King to be protected from damage. The skill only applies if the King & the Rook are on the same row or column, and no other character stands between them.
Castling can only used once per Cycle.
Description A former Goddess of Love & War who imprisoned herself in Hellheim after defeating an Usurper. She self-proclaimed Goddess of Lust.
Unique Skill None
React skill None
Act skill I When the War lost her Panties - Death Skill IconSentence (Negative Status Effect)
The Target receives a number of "Sanction" tokens equal to its base level. A "Sanction" token is removed at the End of each Cycle or when a new Sentence is applied. If the Target has no more "Penalty" token, the Target is defeated. The King is immune to this Effect.
Act skill II When the War lost her Panties - Pierce Skill IconPierce
Inflicts 1 point of Normal damage to a Target regardless of its protections.
Act skill III When the War lost her Panties - Revive Skill IconRevival
The KO Target is revived on an unoccupied slot as if it were in the first Cycle in an engaged position.


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