Alice “RIDDLE” – The Girl who loves Carrots

Alice "RIDDLE"
The Girl who loves Carrots

Reward for May 2023 support on Subscribe Star Adult.
Published by Kyuken on June, 11th, 2023.

Type Hero
Level 3
Element Aqua
is strong against Pyro
and weak against Terra.
Health 3
Range 1
Speed 3
Act 5
Class When the War lost her Panties - Bishop Class IconBishop is specialized in ranged and/or support actions.
Description A mysterious human Girl who lives in Wonderland. She is the manager of the "Rabbit Hole" and provides some services to its inhabitants and lost Souls.
Unique Skill Defensive Invokation
Once per Cycle, Alice "Riddle" reacts to an attack or effect by invoking one of the following Familiars : the "Cheshire" Cat, the "White" Rabbit or the "Black" Rabbit.
To use one of their Skills, Alice "Riddle" must spend corresponding Act Points.
The Familiar dissapears at the End of the Turn.
React skill None
Act skill I When the War lost her Panties - Invoke Skill IconInvoke
Summon a character on a free slot on your Side and within Range. Spend extra Act Points to match the Cost/Stars of the Invokation.
The Invokation can act during this same Cycle using its own skills by spending its own Act Points.
The Invokation dissapears when its Act Points or Health Points are 0.
The Invokation does not gain Act Point at the Start of a Cycle or when it passes its turn.

When the War lost her Panties - Transfer Skill IconTransfer
Add +1 to a Target's attribute : Health, Range, Speed or Act.
Only one attribute can be increased during the Character's Turn. The effect can be stacked.



Bianca R. & Usagi Koneko



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