Card #19 : The “White” Rabbit – the sickly Anxious ~NEW~

The "White" Rabbit
The sickly Anxious

Reward for May support on Subsscribe Star Adult.

Published by Kyuken on June, 11th, 2023.

Type Hero
Level 1
Element When the War lost her Panties - Eol Element IconEol
is strong against Terra
and weak against Pyro
Health 1
Range 3
Speed 3
Act 1
Class When the War lost her Panties - Bishop Class IconBishop is specialized in ranged and/or support actions.
Description Weiss is a cuddly Toy patched up everywhere. He is constantly running around with a first aid box fear of finding the little Girl in the same condition as him.
Unique Skill None
React skill When the War lost her Panties - Dodge Skill Icon Dodge
The character avoids an attack and doesn't receive damage.


Act skill I When the War lost her Panties - Heal Skill IconHeal
The Target heals from a wound or is cured from a negative status effect (Stun, Paralyze, Poison, ...).


When the War lost her Panties - Cancel Skill IconCancel
Negates all negative and positive status effects on a Target.


Bianca R. & Usagi Koneko



THAN ...