The “Black” Rabbit – A creepy Affection

The "Black" Rabbit
The sickly Anxious

Reward for June 2023 support on Subscribe Star Adult.
Published by Kyuken on February, 10th, 2024.

Type Hero
Level 1
Element When the War lost her Panties - Umbra Element IconUmbra
is strong against Lumen
and weak against Lumen
Health 1
Range 3
Speed 3
Act 0
Class When the War lost her Panties - Bishop Class IconBishop is specialized in ranged and/or support actions.
Description Kuroe is the latest cuddly Toy. Comforting with her maternal Love, she is overprotective and will defend her Child from all violences with her Sickles.
Unique Skill Penalty reversed
Once per Cycle, the "Black" Rabbit consumes all "Sanction" tokens present on Alice "Riddle" and inflicts X Umbra damages to a Target.
X is the number of "Sanction" tokens consumed. She dissapears when it has no more "Sanction" token.
Unique Skill Dam of Sickles
Once per Cycle, the "Black" Rabbit can be specially invoked by consuming all Alice's "Riddle" Act Points.
The "Black" Rabbit inflicts Y normal attacks on one or more Targets on a Row.
Y is the number of Act Points consumed. She disappears when it has no more Act Point.


Bianca R. & Usagi Koneko



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