Exclusive Lewd Illustration – 5th Anniversary

Why the Lust doesn't wear Panties ? 5th Anniversary

Exclusive Lewd Illustration for March 2024
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Published by Kyuken on March, 12th, 2024.

Hello Sinners,

It's with Envy I wanted to offer you an exclusive lewd illustration for celebrating this 5th Anniversary of my website and the birthday of Helfreija the Goddess of Lust.

What could be more natural to highlight her "divine" lewdness as cheerleader. Helfreija will encourage you and thank you with her best hips swing.

So the basic idea for this artwork is a continuation of my lame New Year's greeting card on the cheerleader theme while offering something simple and refined.

Then, as for the final format, I chose the cover of a porn magazine with a luxurious aesthetic graphic chart and must be "Collector".

Why the Lust doesn't wear Panties ? 5th Anniversary - Sample

I hope you will also enjoy this new exclusive lewd illustration for this 5th Anniversary.

With this concept and her lovely design, this version of Helfreija could be a support King character in When the War lost her Panties.

I give free rein to reflection and leave the final words to Layla.
Good Lust 2024 !!!

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Erosu MOe KOway Sinners ! (#^_^#)


Bianca R.



THAN ...