#1 – First Attack

FIRST ATTACK - yonkoma #1

Published by Kyuken on April, 13th,2019.

Hi, Little Devils !

After several months of work and a very critical and well-argued returns from my friends, here is the moment, the post of my first (reworked and updated) 4-koma. (^_^)

Then, who was never unexpectedly attacked from behind while you were extremely focused at work. At this point, the reaction depends on each and can be:

1°) Jump from his chair while pushing the nails to the ceiling.
2°) To die of fear while having a heart attack.
3°) To get angry.
4°) Put a loaf on the person who surprised you.
5°) Or others

For my part, I had already irritated against the person who surprised me while having almost put him a loaf. XD

I thank you in advance for reading this first yonkoma while wishing you a good week. (^_^)


THAN ...