Happy New Year 2020 !!!


Published by Kyuken on January, 8th, 2020.

Happy New Year, Little Devils ! (O^ω^O)

How to start a good year by showing a beautiful pair of cheeks ?
Sure, after receiving a double consent of my Mistress. XD
*Where upon it stings a little bit just while making me look like a hamster. But the pleasure is here.*

It's already been 8 months since I created this website to publish my original story with original characters. 

With time, this project started with a friend's question: "With all these characters you have drawn, why don't you create a story ?"
This required almost 6 months of research, reflection and selection before the first publication in April 2019. And without counting the creation of one or two prototype(s).

No matter what form my publication was going to take, time and work are there to achieve this result I like. It isn't perfect and sometimes very clumsy due to lack of experience in creating a comic book and storytelling. I continue to read a lot and follow tutorials. But I had to dare to try something while taking into account the good and bad criticisms.

Plus, I guess if I hadn't created this website. I might not have created a Twitter account, share my arts/fantasies and talking/meeting certain people.

2019 was a good year and I hope 2020 will be even better for you as for me. Maybe I will try to learn how to make you participate in the realization of this story.

I don't grow as fast as some artists. But at my level, achieving a certain result as a beginner is a miracle. And I would have to find a way to thank you. You, people who read and follow me, friends and the unknown I don't know.

Thank you very much and Happy New Year again !

Make your wishes become true Little Devils ! (^_^)


THAN ...