New Year Cute Illustration – Moon Bunny Mochis


New Year Cute Illustration for January 2023
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Published by Kyuken on January, 10th, 2023.

Happy New Year Sinners,

For the first illustration of this year 2023, I offer you a cute Layla dressed as a bunny girl.

My different inspirations for this artwork come from the Chinese and Japanese New Year.

During the Japanese New Year (January, 1st), Japanese eat mochis in soup or sweet. It's always amazing to see an artisan beats the mochi dough with a big hammer, while a second moistens it little by little while avoiding being hit.

This year, the animal in the spotlight for this Chinese New year (from January, 22nd until to February, 5th) will be the Water Rabbit. And moreover, the Rabbit is an animal present in both cultures and in their mythologies living on the Moon.

The choice to illustrate these themes with Layla Hyacintho NOCTURNA, the blue Succubus isn't trivial. Because Layla is an Arabic name which translates as "Wife of the Night" and/or "Born during the Night". And in my Trading Card Game, she is a Water element character.

So how not to propose a cute Moon Bunny girl pounding mochis ? (^^p)

With a last reference, I thank the character of Kanna  Kamui in the manga Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid.

New Year Cute Illustration - Moon Bunny Mochis - Wallpaper

You can download freely the wallpaper (1920x1080 px in JPEG) just by clicking on the picture and saving it with the right mouse button.

Finally here is a presentation of another creator himself to conclude this post.

"Graphical Activity is the fruit of a long journey of life and the result of my life experiences. My educational and professional background may seem somewhat complicated, but I will explain to you that taking a step back ha consequence. I noted the reorientation, adaptation and vocational retraining are becoming commonplace.

From an early age, probably like any child, I was drawing. I mostly drew sports cars and buildings futurists straight from my imagination. As the son of jeweler, I have always been immersed in the arts, crafts and creativity. I wanted to do something and be my own boss. I have always been very interested in meeting people and making new discoveries. I always asked many questions about the World around me. This trait of personality is very useful in my work today. Because you have to approach others very carefully to understand what that you need most in the daily life.

I had the idea of becoming a car designer. But during this time I followed the preparatory classes for the competitions of the school of Beaux-Arts and didn't pass any of them. So the idea quickly died out. After that, I wanted to become a journalist because it allowed me to tackle very varied subjects, and corresponded to my curiosity. In preparation for the entrance exams to the school of journalism, I followed an university courses in History-Geography while being a local correspondent for the newspaper "L'Alsace". But given the realities of this job, it made me want to talk about the positive things in our lives : talk about entrepreneurs and help them by talking about them. Gradually I turned into a communication specialist.

After graduating, I decided to ride my own bike at fixed gear (accuracy is important) from Colmar to Rome. This trip, which was spread over several weeks, brought me a lot through the encounters that I have experienced, the landscapes that I have been able to observe and the self-transcendence I experienced. At the beginning of 2017, I started working as a freelance graphic designer, first in Alsace then in Moselle under the name of Graphical Activity. Visit my website and watch my work by clicking on my logo just below."

Graphical Activity Logo - 500px

Thank you very much for reading this first post of 2023.

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Best wishes &
Erosu MOe KOway Sinners ! (^_^)


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