#30 – The Goddess of Lust II

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THE GODDESS OF LUST II - yonkoma #30

Published by Kyuken on April, 22th, 2020.

After meeting a white wandering Soul in the previous 4-koma, the Goddess of Lust decides to proceed a subjugation ritual on it.

Happy Birthday Little Devils ! (^_^)

It's already one year I created my website for self-publishing. Apart from my knowledge and skills, I begin with little to offer you an original story.

At my level, I wasn't sure people would come to see my work. I didn't necessarily expect to have as many spectator here and almost 200 followers on my Twitter account. And this, despite the constraints set by myself at the start, with only a vague idea and half of a plan for a year. (^_^)'

With the first anniversary of Erosu MOe Kowai, it's the good occasion to show and offer you an upgraded level of lewdness in my work. I hope you will like this "H-post" and appreciate the provided investment. I can already announce that this short story will end around next mid-May.  (~^_^~)

Thank you for your fidelity for coming/reading on the website and following me on Twitter. (^.^)

Have a nice week and thank you very much again. (^_^)

See You Next Little Devils !


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