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Published by Kyuken on November, 11th, 2021.

Layla "Sinner" makes Helfreija the Goddess of Lust her prisoner with the help of the remains of the Earthly Tear, Ottar Hildisvini.

Hi, Sinners ! (^_^)

The end of October was a bit hectic with the death of my paternal grandmother.
I was wrong in thinking that this family event had little influence on my morale.
At the time, I told myself it was normal because she was very old. Looking back, although the last time I saw her, was on my last trip to Hong Kong, 4 years ago.
Despite the distance and the lack of meeting, it leaves  a void in my Heart. We will all have to die one day, such is Life.
When I can, I'll go to her grave to say hello.

So don't worry, I fully intend to carry this story to the end. And this episode isn't at all dedicated to my grandmother at the risk of being reprimanded. XD

Instead of launching this episode directly into a sex scene,
I preferred to start an open discussion between Layla "Sinner" and Helfreija the Goddess of Lust with a common subject.
In addition, Layla in "Sinner" mode shows a new power and succeeds in trapping Helfreija on an improvised throne with the corpse of the Tear of Earth.

And while working on this post, I am already thinking about the continuation of the discussion.

Thank you for reading this new episode and for your fidelity.

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Erosu MOe KOwai Sinners ! (^_^)



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