#56 – Inspiration & Exhalation

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Published by Kyuken on April, 08th, 2021.

After several unsuccessful attempts, Layla finds an inspiration, then the exhalation by her focus. Come on Layla ! You will succeed.

Hi little Devils, (^_^)

What is interesting about the use of a flashback is it can serve as ellipse and suggests time has passed in parallel as I pick up on the story, like a kind of introspection during Layla's training. From my point of view, it would be boring to show her repeating her multiple failures. So suggesting it all in one box and one sentence is a good idea. But that cuts the idea of showing/drawing her in funny situations. 

In the end, it's possible to say Magic isn't the strong point of our dear blue Succubus. XD

Also during the month of March, I wanted to draw lewd scenes to celebrate Helfreija's birthday (March, 25th). Helfreija is a character who always brings me inspiration. Layla too, but I have to wait until she gains a few chest measurements. (^^p)

Have I ever told you about my passion for imagining my Goddess fondling and fingering herself to see her squirt ? (cf. Yonkoma #53 - A Shard of daily Loneliness) Then it feels good to see her get banged and cum too. Unfortunately not always for the right reasons and arouse some compassion towards her. (cf. Yonkoma #55 - A Shard of Love)

And finally, the jet of semen from an erect cock is like the ephemeral flame lit on a candle. Just enough time to express her tiny and modest wish.

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See You Next Little Devils ! (^_^)





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