#69 – Dual Form

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DUAL FORM - yonkoma #69

Published by Kyuken on October, 17th, 2021.

Layla in Sinner form seized the Tear of Earth and devours it in order to gain power. However something is still in Hildisvini's belly.

Hi, Sinners ! (^_^)

Futanari is the Japanese word for hermaphroditism, which is also used in a broader sense for androgyny.

Beyond Japan, this term is used to describe a commonly pornographic genre of eroge, manga and anime which includes characters that show primary sexual characteristics from both females and males. Nowadays it refers almost exclusively to characters who have an overall feminine body, but have both female and male primary genitalia with (or without) testicles.
The term is also often abbreviated as futa(s), which is also used as a generalized term for the works themselves.

I looked for the right time to place this element in an episode. Then the number of female characters who will receive a penis was limited.
Among them, Surtur a female antagonist doesn't count, because the event would come too late.
Equipped on Helfreija, this would assert her dominance over Layla too much.
And the only solution left is Layla who can demonstrate her gain of strength and domination in the face of opposition.

Literally using the futanari term allowed me to tell the idea that all characters have a Sinner form to represent their true persona.
By default, Souls are neither female nor male. They can be both until an external cause comes to define a sexual orientation.

Finally, was Layla waking up in Limbo a man or a woman in a previous life ?

Thank you for reading this new episode and for your fidelity.

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Erosu MOe KOwai Sinners ! (^_^)



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