#61 – Greed : 616

Greed : 616 1/1

GREED : 616 - yonkoma #61

Published by Kyuken on June, 17th, 2021.

In Hell, another bad day for the Sinners who are being manhandled and slaughtered by an entity more powerful and greedy than them. Defeating 616 Souls is no small feat. 

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This comment is more about the previous posts than this conclusion.

In the Art of fighting, Helfreija mixes occidental and oriental philosophies. She is well armed (occidental) with skills and knowledges and doesn't need a lot of things (oriental) to achieve victory.

Against Layla in Circle III - the Gluttony and the Surtur's Spawn in this arc, Helfreija shows a ability for fighting with and without transformation. Although she is a damned exhibitionist, she doesn't go into battle full naked. However she is far from having revealed all her cards and these two fights are more symbolic for her to impose her authority.

The Lust just performed a show of power to dominate the blue Succubus. Then for the Surtur's Spawn, her goal was only to eliminate a weak intruder. But fighting an entity who looks like its Creator, allows to better create an indirect link with a character teased in the opening of the Circle II - Lust.

Be certain for an action, there is a reaction. Despite of the Goddess of Lust isn't the strongest physical fighter. Nevertheless, she will be prepared and dangerous other characters have to fight on her territory.

So fair I integrated many references and symbols in the story. It would be cool if you find them and understand their meaning to piece together your own interpretation.


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