#4 – Nekoma Tam-Tam !

NEKOMA TAM-TAM ! - yonkoma #4

Published by Kyuken on April, 17th,2019.

Hello Little Devils !

Having the rhythm is important in Life. But what is my surprise when I learned in the manga XXX Holic how a shamisen is made. (O_O)

This traditional Japanese musical instrument is made of sandalwood and covered with cat or dog skin. Then the most valuable shamisens are made with female cat belly skin without any scratches. It seems that it produces the most delicate sounds. Rest in Peace, guys ! (T.T)

So ! Don't do like me when you massage your lover ! Don't drum her butt ! (X_X)

I wish you a good week and see you later Little Devils ! (^_^)

Two Geisha holding a shamisen and a song book
Two Geisha holding a Shamisen and a Song Book, Kitao Shigemasa.


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