Exclusive Cute Artworks for September 2020

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Published by Kyuken on August, 20th, 2020.

Hello Little Devils,

It's good to draw something other than 4-koma. And so I offer you as rewards, Exclusive Cute Artworks (in A4 size on thick good paper) for this September on my Subscribe Star profile.

These two illustrations allowed me to work more on the setting in scene and the integration of landscape/decoration from the start of conception. Integrating decoration is something I don't do very often during the production of my webmanga. Without being too original, I chose to work on the classic theme of Summer Holidays, with a beach and scantily clad girls. Plus, it allows me to show my female characters lived outside of the story, as if they were real actresses who have pleasures out of the work

It was a good training and and gives me ideas to integrate more landscapes in the future staging. But how ? Or will it take more work for me? Because more details.

The other news is the creation of compilations of 4-koma when a book is completed which for the moment are integrated into the Gallery section. In the first hand, this makes it easier to browse and read all the publications already offered at one time, apart from the future book. And in the second hand, many people aren't necessarily interested in my posts which are at the end of the post.
You will find the first compilation just by revealing the drop-down menu in the Gallery section, then clicking on Limbo. Next compilation, Lust, will be published in two weeks.

I must thank you for your fidelity and your diligence in following a modest original story.

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See You Next Little Devils ! (^_^)


THAN ...