#5 – Late Presentation

Late presentation


Published by Kyuken on April, 24th,2019.

Hi, Little Devils ! (^_^)

I don't know if you as a creator, you take the time to find a pen name. For sure, it took me several years to finally find one that I like and I start building a story with it.

Sailing from "inspired" pseudonyms by my initials, I finally manage to derive the use of my real Asian name for what I'm doing. Now I understand the strength of having a dual culture offers so many perspectives for the search.

My pen name is Emoko Kyuken like the nekomata in my yonkoma. For the meaning of emoko, I recommend you take a look at the FAQ.

What is the meaning of Kyuken. If I leave in romaji, it leaves too much interpretation. As in French, there are homophones like : dent, dans, d'en. The same goes for kanji or sinograms.
Kyuken is written with the following kanjis : (kyu) the Asian number for 9 and (ken) the political word for constitution in Japanese or law in Chinese. So you can translate 九憲 by "nine constitutions" or "nine laws".

Please, don't question me on : "What is the nine laws you're talking?" ! Because it's only with time that I will find my nine own laws for my universe.

Thank you for reading me !
See you later L
ittle Devils ! (^_^)


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