#13 – Limbo : Interlude

Limbo : Interlude 1/2

Limbo : Interlude 2/2

LIMBO : INTERLUDE - yonkoma #13

Published by Kyuken on June, 26th,2019.

Hello, Little Devils ! (^_^)

Two weeks have passed since my last update.

During this short break, I took the time for resting, playing games and really really cleaning up character profiles. This is something I should have done for a long time to produce properly. (T.T)

If you draw comic/manga, don't do like me ! (>_<)
It's a shot from spinning ! XD

Afterwards, I rework the Goddess' dress design for more consistency while watching an anime as the solution appeared. Thank you Raphtalia-san (a racoon girl from Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari series), you are really beautiful in your swimsuit ! Because the initial limits are to dress her with lightweight fabric with her favorite colors and no pattern. Then, instead of having a one piece dress, it's now composed in two parts, a frilly top and a pareo. And for finishing, some gold accessories that is possible to see in a concept art, below.

See You Next Little Devils ! (^_^)


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