How to ward off the Evil Eye ?


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Published by Kyuken on January, 22nd, 2021.

After a past year 2020 full of unpleasant events, Helfreija the Goddess of Lust has found a way to how to ward off the evil eye for 2021.

Hello Little Devils,

In Roman antiquity, it was customary to wear jewelry representing flying phalluses around the neck, as earrings or other ornaments. According to belief, this talisman would protect the wearer from the evil eye and bring fertility.

This belief has endured for a very long time in Europe. Symbols or representations of penises with wings wasn't just limited to that area. It was also present in other civilizations around the World (Egyptian, African, Asian, ...). Even today, we can find this legacy, although limited, in a country like Japan.

Nowadays the kanamara matsuri (かなまら祭り, "Festival of the Steel Phallus") has been celebrated every year in Kawasaki since 1977, on the 1st Sunday of April (April 4, 2021 for this year). So I recommend you  go to the wikipedia article by clicking on this link :

I was thinking of making a classic greeting card with my characters, and far from thinking that, for 2021, my first exclusive illustration would be so hentai. I think the mood was there and was quietly done.

My first feeling was to realize an idea of countering bad luck with a misunderstanding of an old belief / superstition by one of my characters.

Then, Last month, Layla was in the spotlight. So naturally it was Helfreija's turn to come back to the front again. And I'm not going to draw you a drawing (which has already been done) of her passion for sexual pleasures, to plunge you back into her privacy and show her interpretation of this belief.

Take your time to discover the samples of this new exclusive lewd artwork below :

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See You Next Little Devils ! Ho ho ho ho ! ( ^o^)

PS : Just click on this beautiful butt for accessing and downloading the wallpaper / greeting cards from the previous year.



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