Erosu MOe KOwai – Eroticism is Scary

#32 – The Goddess of Lust IIII

The Goddess of Lust IIII 1/4

The Goddess of Lust IIII 2/4

The Goddess of Lust IIII 3/4

The Goddess of Lust IIII 4/4


Published by Kyuken on May, 24th, 2020.

The Goddess of Lust is penetrated by the Sinner after having coveted his penis during the last two yonkomas (II & III).

Hi Little Devils ! (_ _)

Fiiiiinally, this publication concludes the short story which aims to introduce more fully the Goddess of Lust (I, II & III).
Sorry, as always it sounded better in my mind ! (-_-)'

The visual speaks for itself, more than the words and no need more comments. I guess I'll let you read and go to rest before relaunching myself, on the next weeks, at the end of Layla & the Scribe's journey.

Thank you very much and ...

See You Next Little ... Zzzzz

PS : Correction has been made to the title for better consistency and the future printed version.
I found a printer for my first book and how will I sell it ??? (^_^)'


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