#26 – How to Dress a Succubus ?

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HOW TO DRESS A SUCCUBUS ? - yonkoma #26

Published by Kyuken on February, 26th, 2020.

The Scribe quietly observes the dark starry sky. The blue succubus calls out to signal after she has finished dressing.
Is she satisfied ? No !

Hi, Little Devils ! (^_^)

After the sweet interlude of Valentine's Day, we resume the story line after Death Spanking III. We find the company of the perverse nekomata and the naked blue succubus.

The succubus' outfit was almost designed from the start of the character's creation in 2015. She is wearing a kind of small swimsuit made with white fabric, a necklace and silver jewelry.
Because I found that dressing her in a black corset and black panties is "so cliché". With hindsight, the idea of dressing her as lightly is as cliché too. (-_-)'

I guess for making the biggest difference with the other succubi and seeing her dress with white and pink colors.

See You Next Little Devils ! (^^p)


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