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ALONE & JUICY - yonkoma #16

Published by Kyuken on September, 11th, 2019.

Hi, Little Devils !

I am absent and leave alone my Goddess at the worst moment.  She has strong sexual needs and it's common to find her spreading the thighs while her pussy is dripping wet and juicy. Do you see ? Divinity like living beings also have needs to satisfy.

In economics and sociology, everyone have prioritized needs. This representation in a pyramidal form of the Hierarchy of Needs was established by the psychologist Abraham Maslow in the 40's and is also called Maslow's Pyramid.

Perhaps you wonder, "What is the connection between my Goddess and Maslow's Pyramid ?"

You understood she has  a strong libido and sexual urges to satisfy. Then sexual needs are ranked in physiological/primary needs like breathing, eating, drinking, sleeping or cleanliness in the Hierarchy of Needs. For her, don't have sex is unthinkable. But she didn't find the right partner yet. Because she is a picky girl and won't let everyone touch her, much less play with her body. She has her tastes and privileges quality to quantity of her relationships. Imagine that her only present pleasures are her fingers and wings.

In my eyes, she is really desirable and she may be the incarnation of my fantasies. Like female cats, you have to approach slowly but surely and let them come. You will understand it took me a long time to accept my presence and much more to drum with her divine buttocks.

How many times have I seen her spread legs when she is alone and juicy ? (♥ω♥)

How many times have I listened her moan while she is playing with her tits before putting fingers in the slit ? (^ω^)


Oh ! Time for me to go ! (O.O)

Remember, I am not an Angel !

See You Next Little Devils ! (^_^)


THAN ...