#33 – Lust : Stargate

Lust : Stargate 1/2

Lust : Stargate 2/2

LUST : STARGATE - yonkoma #33

Published by Kyuken on June, 10th, 2020.

After a good and long sex scene with the Goddess of Lust (I, II, III & IIII), the Scribe begins a ritual to open a portal towards the Palace of Naglfar.

Hi Little Devils ! (^_^)

I hope you are fine despite the continuity of the health crisis linked to Covid-19. The virus is always present and as in a sexual relationship, be covered. (^_^)

Well ! This new post is softer than the four previous posts with my dear and lewd Goddess of Lust. Maybe you will be disappointed.

But the story must continue. The elements converge and bring to the meeting between Layla and the Goddess of Lust.
Like when I dominated Layla. In away, with the next post, I come to the End of an arc dedicated to the 2nd Circle of Hell.

Since the beginning of the year, I have been working on the layout of my first doujinshi. You can find below the cover before some corrections.

Why the Lust doesn't wear Panties ? - Circle I

I printed some prototypes. I thank people who helped me find myself and build this project. Despite printing defects, they were distributed.

Then the next news is the future opening of a Patreon profile to sell my work. The page is under construction with the iconography, the presentation text and tiers. And you can find below (again) the future banner.

Future Patreon Banner

Thank you for your fidelity and to all readers. Because it seems to me that more and more of you are reading me. Silently but so many. I am proud and touch you, if only a little, with this modest story.

Thank you again and and continue to follow me on this hellish journey. (^_^)

See You Next Little Devils !


THAN ...