#39 – Gluttony : Workaholic

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Published by Kyuken on September, 10th, 2020.

The Scribe is alone in the White Room. Workaholic as he is, he puts the ideas in order to produce the next yonkoma in two weeks.

Hi Little Devils ! (^_^)

There is two ways to build a story. Either by building around one or more characters or a general context. I chose to build the story around original characters as the core that I use as a starting point and the World will be built around them.

Thus the difficulty is to embroider the events in a coherent way to pave a path for them to follow. And the simplest way is still to tell an initiatory story. But for whom ?

The Goddess of Lust  and the Scribe already have the power and a certain status from the start. There wasn't much to teach them or to show them. So having a third character who was newly (re)born (or who knows nothing) was a much better solution like a Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Episode 4 - A New Hope. And finally, the ideal character for this role is the blue Succubus, Layla Hyacintho Nocturna which has everything to learn aside the readers.

Then comes the scene where the unfolding of the story will unfold. We have a fallen Goddess and the most perfect place is nothing but Hell that I based on the book of Dante Alighieri, the Divine Comedy - Hell. So there will be a definite end, but how will it be brought about ?

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