#72 – Catnapping

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CATNAPPING - yonkoma #72

Published by Kyuken on February, 27th, 2022.

The Scribe is frozen by the cold and is powerless against the arrival of a new antagonist for catnapping him.  

Hi Sinners, (^_^)

It was hard and long to resume and end this Circle of Anger with the death of my paternal grandmother at the end of last year.
Without counting, to change rhythm and to earn money, This has upset my creativity and the publication deadlines.
Please excuse me for these inconveniences ! (^_^)

By proposing this abrupt end of Circle, I think that many people would have liked to watch the end of the sex scene between Helfreija and Layla.
Even so, it's so easy to figure out who will win in this body-to-body combat through power, experience and mastery. (See yonkoma #55 - Shard of Love)
The Goddess of Lust hides other cards from her sleeves.
Perhaps one day I'll come up with a 20-page story full of happy sex.

Here is the promotional moment for my association Lemonart.
Lemonart offers you for a little price a digital coloring booklet of 39 coloring drawings on the theme of Mythologies (Egyptian, Greek and Norse)
with my participation for an illustration for a certain Greek Goddess of War and Wisdom.
Just below her silouhette :
Lemonart - Athena - Silouhette
Have fun finding it among the creations of 21 other artists through the three predominant mythologies: Egyptian, Greek and Norse.
You can obtain this digital coloring booklet in PDF Format on the association's shop by clicking on the picture below (again) :

Lemonat - Coloring Booklet - Mythologie

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Erosu MOe KOwai Sinners ! (^_^)


Bianca R.



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