#68 – Freed from Anger

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FREED FROM ANGER - yonkoma #68

Published by Kyuken on September, 30th, 2021.

After a long way, Layla freed Hildisvini, the Earthly Tear who thanks her.
The blue succubus will have to face the mighty Anger.

Hi, Sinners ! (^_^)

I am finally FREEEEEEEEEE ...
to move on and continue with the story. Yeah ! \o/
It was a real pain to find and to incoporate game design in the storytelling. (T.T)

This post allows me to relieve the frustration
and some form of Anger built up since the beginning of this 5th Circle.

Looking back, I'm more or less satisfied with this exercise.
Like doing things off the cuff and without thinking beforehand aren't always a good idea. (-_-)'
But I think I might try it again later, in one of the other Circles or a future project.
Sorry, I'm a masochist and a true workaholic (yonkoma #39) when I get down to it.

Regarding the puzzles and riddles, the solutions will be published later
and should also be thought out for the printed version.

Good ! It's time to rest a bit. (^.^)
Tomorrow, I will begin an original illustration for a friend's birthday
and refocus on the graphic charter of the collective game for a lemony magazine.

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Erosu MOe KOwai Sinners ! (^_^)


Bianca R.



THAN ...