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IT IS SO LAME - yonkoma #74

Published by Kyuken on August, 26th, 2021.

It is so lame. Four months passed since the last post.
Kyuken has been kidnapped by a masked stranger and is on his way back to his lair.

Hi, Sinners ! (^_^)

4 months is a long time and please forgive me for not releasing new episodes. m(_ _)'m
But they were productive (in addition to my salaried work) to try to renew my story by designing new antagonists to integrate into  the story and to relaunch an old card game project in the same universe of my webmanga.

It took me a while, because I knew full well that I wouldn't get far if I kept spinning the story around the trio (Helfreija, Kyuken & Layla, without counting Surtur). I had to find new script tricks to integrate through the different elements distilled since the beginning of the story, so start giving answers and explaining how this universe works.

In short, it's a real balancing act for a good understanding and progress.

A young Me designed a prototype card game. It opposed two armies of pawn cards. Inspired by chess for the classes and in its theme, the goal was to conquer the opposing force by defeating the entire army or by suppressing the King.

After almost 10 years of slumber, the project was relaunched and ended up with new cards  and a simplification of the gameplay.

Finally six original character cards have been produced in limited quantities and the definitive rules of the game will be written this week-end. In short, a lot of work has been done.

Thank you very much for reading this post.

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Erosu MOe KOwai Sinners ! (^_^)


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