#73 – The Red Chamber

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THE RED CHAMBER - yonkoma #73

Published by Kyuken on April, 23rd, 2022.

The frolicking Helfreija welcomes Layla to the new red Chamber.
Reassured of her good health, the Goddess initiates the interview.

Hi Sinners, (^_^)

I really didn't expect to introduce this 7th Circle with a hentai scene.
Especially since at the end of the Circle VI - Anger,
I had proposed 3 episodes which contains close-up views on the genitals (4-komas #69, #70 & #71).
Even in this new episode, there are many more in 4 pages and with more Sinners.
So I started working on male anatomy and trying to stage them.

However the star remains Helfreija, the Goddess of Lust who is always hungry for sex.

Whether for male or female bodies, work on anatomy is still in progress.
But I find that there is still work and while continuing to gain experience with the sequel.
Undoubtedly, decor elements, like for this Red Chamber, have also been introduced to dress up the boxes
and make them a bit more dynamic with a textured background.

In the near future, to better identify the different spaces in the Palace of Naglfar, find a gimmick to represent the different locations will be necessary.
I had used the isometric representation once in Circle II - Lust, using it again might be a good idea and wouldn't just be a one shot on the whole.

Finally, a little advertising for Andres Hertsens, alias Lemon Woods.
He is an Art Director and author/illustrator working both on publishing and the animation industry.
In opposite to my favorite field, he specializes in children's illustration and in multiple techniques : vector art, watercolor and wooden toys.
So it's always interesting to get out of your comfort zone to discover new things and progress.

Feel free to see his works on his website : https://www.andreshertsens.com
or just clicking on the picture just below.

Andres Hertsens Logo - 500px

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Erosu MOe KOwai Sinners ! (^_^)


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