#8 – Long Reflexion

Long reflexion

LONG REFLEXION - yonkoma #8

Published by Kyuken on May, 15th,2019.

Hi, Little Devils ! (_ _)

There are moments when motivation is close to absolute zero. Is it the stress, the baptism of my niece or the syndrome of the blank page ? "So young and already depressed at your age ?", As your little inner voice would say. (T^T)

I never have been a fast thinker. In this fast world, like a lot of people, I am a heretic. But from my point of view, our world is crazy and lost the capacity to waste time. It doesn't allow meditation or reflexion. Neither rest nor take step back for living and learning from its mistakes.
In counterpart, perhaps, I am a good strategist and planner if I want to correct my mistakes and resolve problems.

We, artists need time for finding inspiration in books, films, games and pratice. We need time for releasing our imagination to put it on a support. But we have to respect a schedule for showing our work and not ending up with dust. Advantages and Disadvantages are part of life. Still, it's necessary to decide for oneself its point of balance. (^_^)

This waste of time doen't have to mean a fear of showing. It must be a time-consuming reflexion and practicing for the best show. Like all artists, we are a little shame at first. No matter the criticism (and there will always be), we continue to do what we love. (^_^)

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See You Next Little Devils ! (-_^)


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