#7 – Stolen Pictures

Stolen pictures

STOLEN PICTURES - yonkoma #7

Published by Kyuken on May, 8th,2019.

Hi, Little Devils ! (^_^)

Here is a little bit of law for today on the right to the image.

The right to the image is the right of any natural person to dispose of his image, visible characteristics of an individual allowing identification. Laws relating to image rights are different in different countries. The right to the image allows a person to oppose the use, commercial or not, of his image, in the name of the respect of the private life, which is however counterbalanced by the right to the freedom of expression.

So remember that it's for a website, a social network or publishing, don't forget to ask permission to people on your photos before any use.

It was a pleasure, Little Devils !

PS : You'll find below the stolen images from my Goddess used in the second box of this 4-koma. (^_-)


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