#65 – Forgetting Anger

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FORGETTING ANGER - yonkoma #65

Published by Kyuken on August, 12th, 2021.

Layla and Tendresse have entered the lair of Anger. Thus the feline guide sets out the tasks the demoness will have to accomplish.

Hi Sinners, (^_^)

With this new post, I wanted to introduce a little interactivity to the story, not to let yourself be passive and to put yourself a little in the shoes of our delicious lovely blue succubus.

You are free to try to complete the test to help Layla and that her crossing in the company of the ferryman goes safely. All the clues were given by Charon.

For the next episode, what game could I offer you ? What if that's the kind of thing you like ?

Thank you very much for reading me.

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Erosu MOe KOwai Sinners ! (^_^)





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