#15 – Limbo : End

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LIMBO : END - yonkoma #15

Published by Kyuken on August, 28th,2019.

 Hello, Little Devils ! (^_^)

Please accept this long absence since my last post in the end of July ! m(_ _)m

I didn't realize that to create my first action scene, took me so much work and time. Find the right layout and make everything dynamic weren't easy. I tried, learned a lot of stuff and assimilated them to be able to produce this small series of yonkomas.

This set marks the end of the Limbo arc and the fight between the succubus and the familiar of the "exhibitionnist" goddess.

I hope you will appreciate the effort put in this work and thank you for reading it.

Feel free to comment my work !

See You Next Little Devils ! (^_^)

PS : Just below you will find the different tests and evolutions of the second board.


THAN ...