#51 – Script Wall

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SCRIPT WALL - yonkoma #51

Published by Kyuken on January, 28th, 2021.

After following the trail left by Kyuken the Scribe, Layla the blue Succubus finds herself facing a large white wall imposed by the script.

Hi little Devils,

I realize that line I am making Layla say is absolutely correct. Because I have no doubt that it gives an impression of ease of writing. After all, this is my first real story I openly show and share publicly. It's still progressing and there is still a lot to work out and on.

Then I continue to hope to learn, practice and make progress to reach a satisfying ending. I'm only a third of my journey like in the 28th yonkoma when Layla and Kyuken were in the Land of Bodies.

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See You Next Little Devils ! (^_^)





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