#55 – A Shard of Love

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A SHARD OF LOVE - yonkoma #55

Published by Kyuken on March, 25th, 2021.

Third and last shard of memory from Helfreija, the Goddess of Lust. She shares a part of her Love with the two-tail Sinner.
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Hi little Devils, (^_^)

Today it's a special day for Helfreija, my Goddess of Lust. It's her birthday and this day of celebration also marks the meeting with her first Sinner.

Thus the month of April will also be the two years of existence of this website. I am proud and happy with the number of people who come and read my modest story. So I have to find a good idea to do something special to celebrate this.

Then I notice with these latest posts, they offer an answer to the become of the Sinners who had sex with Helfreija in yonkomas #29, #30, #31 & #32.

If you have a dick and have sex with her. Please be careful at the risk in vanishing in the air, because her Greed is bottomless. (^_^)'

In short I thank you again for your Love and hope  you continue to read this webmanga. While I'm going to rest a bit, going to play Genshin Impact and to be able to continue to share a shard of my Universe.

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See You Next Little Devils ! (^_^)





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