#37 – Gluttony : Self-serve Buffet

Glutonny : Self-serve Buffet 1/3

Glutonny : Self-serve Buffet 2/3

Glutonny : Self-serve Buffet 3/3


Published by Kyuken on August, 6th, 2020.

The blue Succubus Layla discovers a young naked woman sleeping on the ground. Who is she and why is this self-serve buffet here ? The beginning of a free treat.

Hi Little Devils ! (^_^)

The arc of Gluttony and the physical meeting between Layla and the Goddess of Lust were initiated.
Below you will find the 4 pages of the prototype.

Glutonny : Self-serve Buffet 0/3

In hindsight, more context was introduced. Coherence is brought about a justified meeting which didn't happen completely at random. Therefore the clothes of the female characters have changed. But it's possible to find the basics of the final version.

The highlight this week is the closing of my Patreon page. The reason is future rule changes on NSFW content posting and won't allow creators to post what they want. Because for many artists who were present, they have apparently seen themselves censored and Patreon claims the exclusivity of the works (even olders posts on others website), while it is only a crowdfunding website and doesn't participate in the financing of the projects. It's something that is reprehensible. For modest artists who have little income, it would be hard to file a complaint with justice.

Since I had no pledge and owed nothing to anyone, I was able to afford to erase all my posts from this site. Maybe I'm overreacting. But as much to do prevention as to suffer. Now I have to find another way by searching another crowdfunding website. I may have found one that would better suit my expectations and my posting methods.

This is just a setback. But when instinct tells you something is wrong, sometimes it's best to listen to it. Or maybe I'm a superstitious cat.

I apologize for this inconvenience and invite you to come freely and for free to read this modest and selfish original story.

Thank you very much.

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