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Exit - yonkoma #62

Published by Kyuken on June, 24th, 2021.

Layla the Blue Succubus wandered in the White Room for a while. It seems she managed to find an exit, but keep by two Sinners.

Hi little Devils, (^_^)

With the end of the Circle of Greed, I have the same feeling as Layla who feels left behind by the narrative because I didn't know how to develop it. So to develop a character, it's necessary to find a purpose for her and to ensure that it no longer suffers the events. This, on condition of having gained in strength and conviction to be able to fight against the Scribe and the Lust. Maybe even surpass them in fields that they don't master.

Layla will have to prove her evolution and found her place in the story to gain divine favor while offering the answers to her existence.

Although the goals of Kyuken and Helfreija may be kept secret, but Layla's must be understandable and clear. I guess her last line is crisp and clear about her intentions and on what she's going to do when she comes out of the White Room.

As with good bread dough, I'm going to let the story rest so that I can research and test other things to avoid the boredom of doing the same thing over and over again. Especially since I haven't forgotten the establishment of a store for selling the first three issues of Why the Lust doesn't wear panties ?

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Erosu MOe KOwai dear Little Devils ! (^_^)





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