#38 – Gluttony : Sweet, cute & blue.

Gluttony : Sweet, cute & blue. 1/3

Gluttony : Sweet, cute & blue. 2/3

Gluttony : Sweet, cute & blue. 3/3

GLUTTONY : SWEET, CUTE & BLUE - yonkoma #38

Published by Kyuken on August, 20th, 2020.

The Goddess of Lust is awakened. She managed to capture while the sweet, cute and blue Layla who was giving her cunnilingus.

Hi Little Devils ! (^_^)

I notice in the first attempts, the awakening of the Goddess of Lust was too long before she went into action. For catching a person in the act must be sudden and unexpected. So the suggestion was implemented through four boxes for fitting into a single page. The Goddess of Lust is spontaneous. She must be unpredictable and she is not the embodiment of Patience.

Gluttony : Sweet, cute & blue - Proto 1/4

You noticed there is a cat. This one represented Tendresse, one of the familiars of the Goddess of Lust who appeared and defeated in the Limbo arc (yonkoma #12, #13, #14 and #15) by our dear blue succubus. At that time, I was far from having the idea of putting a cat that would serve as a Warden watching an inmate. This role has thus been devolved to Kyuken, the Scribe.

Gluttony : Sweet, cute & blue - Proto 2/4

The environment of the Goddess of Lust grows and changes over the course of her encounters. On her red throne, she plans her invasion and the conquest of the 9 infernal realms to fulfill her dearest wish.

Gluttony : Sweet, cute & blue - Proto 3/4

Whether on the essay or the final version, my result was to arrive at a comedy scene between these two female characters, who are symbols/allegories of sexuality and sexual desire. To be honest, I like to watch sapphic relationships between women. Whether in comics or video, I find it very beautiful and exciting. My reasons ? Because I'm a perverted male Nekomata and I like that.

Gluttony : Sweet, cute & blue - Proto 4/4

The conclusion of this comedy has a moralizing intention. In all sexual relationships, consent is important. You wouldn't want to be done things to you that you don't want. Although these two characters are very sexualized and have desires, they won't accept every situation or everything that is offered to them, especially the Goddess of Lust.

So if you have a girlfriend, boyfriend or sexfriend, ask for their consent before entering into any relationship. Love isn't a one-sided domination. It's a mutual consent.

On the next releases, you will see the repercussions of Layla's actions. She had fun, but at what cost ?

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See You Next Little Devils ! (^_^)

PS : But where is the Sinner the Goddess of Lust has fucked ?


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