#44 – Bad Dream ?

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BAD DREAM ? - yonkoma #44

Published by Kyuken on November, 19th, 2020.

Layla the Blue Succubus wakes up on a red bed and hasn't noticed that she's slept on someone's knee.

Hello little Devils, (^_^)

The loop is complete. You know now how Layla, the blue succubus and Helfreija, the Goddess of Lust met. This publication thus gives a meaning, an explanation to the illustration which serves as a banner for the website.

La Déesse de la Luxure et le succube bleu endormi

Everything is there to lead to the next stage. I hope not to disappoint you with my future proposals.

Then I'm currently making a range of stickers that will be sold on a future Redbubble online store which will open at the beginning of next December, out of desire and thanks to the advice of people from the Lemonart association to which I'm a member. So, I started posting on Twitter and Instagram the first models are based on new and old works.

And in conclusion, in the same month for supporting the activity of my association, a crowdfunding campaign will be launched for its second magazine on the Sci-Fi theme. Like others artists members, I will submit exclusive illustrations to the management, which will serve as counterparts. I will therefore keep you posted as soon as the fundraising campaign begins.

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Stay tune and ...
See You Next Little Devils ! (^_^)





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