#45 – Chronology of Appearances

Chronology of Appearances 1/2
Chronology of Appearances 2/2


Published by Kyuken on December, 03rd, 2020.

EMOKO Kyuken, the Scribe makes a Chronology of Appearances of all characters presented so far. Him including.

Hi little Devils,

The first 3 circles/arcs were used to train and develop my skills in creating an original comic/manga. Also to tell stories and to share a modest and selfish vision on the World and the relationships between people.

For the next, I will have to climb to the level above in the work, expand the project by providing answers to justify the choices in my universe. Some things may also be necessary to leave certain things secret, free to interpretation. It's a real balancing act so that as many people as possible can have clues for reflection.

As announced in the yonkoma #44 - Bad Dream ?, I opened my online store earlier this week (December 01, 2020) on RedBubble.com.

As much to be clear, this shop serves above all to help in the creation of "Why the Lust doesn't wear Panties?". Because creating a work requires time and financial means to publish it, make it known and it isn't with such a project I will get rich. Especially if there is a naked Goddess giving a titjob and getting penetrated by a "ghostly penis". XD
Any help will be welcome. (^_^)

The opening of this shop is to be able to offer you goodies (stickers, throw pillows, button pin, laptop skin, jigsaw puzzles and more) with original illustrations you could offer for you or for your friends. Next week, I'll be preparing files to feature other designs that have been posted as exclusive artworks on my Subscribe Star profile.

To access the store, you can click on the button in the menu bar or on the following picture/link just below :


Feel free to support me, or follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Subscribe Star and now RedBubble. (^.^)

Thank you very much for your help, your support and for reading me.

See You Next Little Devils ! (^_^)

PS : During the whole month of December, I will try to offer you extra yonkomas every week. Unless something big happens to me.





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