#47 – Dummy

Dummy 1/1

DUMMY - yonkoma #47

Published by Kyuken on December, 17th, 2020.

A little discussion in the bath between the blue Succubus Layla and Kyuken the Scribe when the latter tries to take her for a dummy.

Hi little Devils,

Last week I lifted the mystery from the Scribe's face. Afterwards, I felt that was wrong and my goal was to answer the following question : "How do I reintroduce a dose of mystery on Kyuken ?"

In contrast, the most expressive character by the emotions and the gestures is Layla the blue succubus. And, it's so fun to see/user her in comedy scenes or in your unexpected situations.

Then a wallpaper has been added in the Wallpapers section. Below the picture.

Isn't she cute with a little more fur ? It would be cool, if I turn it into a puzzle to put it on my RedBubble. (^^p)

And finally, after the crowdfunding campaign was opened last Thursday for the association's second Lemonart magazine, the target was 212% achieved. There are 25 days until January 10th, 2021 to contribute to the project.

Feel free to support me, or follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Subscribe Star and RedBubble.

See You Next Little Devils ! (^_^)





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