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GREED : INTRUDER - yonkoma #57

Published by Kyuken on April, 22nd, 2021.

A greedy Helfreija realized that going alone in search of her cute Layla isn't a good idea. An intruder is unfortunately in her Palace.

Hi little Devils, (^_^)

I will still "have fun" working on a new fight scene to show the extent of the Powers of the Goddess of Lust against an adversity introduced two Circles earlier.

Maybe Helfreija is a true exhibitionist and a divine nymphomaniac. She has a Past that I will try to distill in future dialogues.

Lust is a form a Greed and Greed is a form a Lust. Whether it's the Goddess of Lust or the intruder, each party has their own interests. How it will be resolved ? (^_^)

Then I finally ordered products depicting my roaring Helfreija in "Fenrir Mode" from my RedBubble Store. Just below a cushion (40 x 40 cm)


and 10 stickers with transparent background.


I find her too cute with her two round boobs and her Anger. and you ? (-_^)

The quality is present despite the general color pulling a little too much towards yellow. My general color preferences tends towards cyan.

But one of my cousins won't be shown to you with my logo all in magenta where the color isn't uniform (magenta with a white background). Because the compression artifacts are too visible and it's a shame.

SHAME ! SHAME ! SHAME !!! m(_ _)m

If you like what you saw, please feel free to order products on my RedBubble store. However I'm going to have to do some cleaning on my store and come up with some new stuff in the coming months.

Thank you very much to you.
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See You Next Little Devils ! (^_^)





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