#63 – Waiting for Hug.

Waiting for Hug 1/2
Waiting for Hug 2/2

WAITING FOR HUG - yonkoma #63

Published by Kyuken on July, 15th, 2021.

In the middle of nowhere sits the imposing Gate of the 5th Circle of Hell. This leads to the realm of the Angry and a Sinner is waiting.

Hi Sinners, (^_^)

The descent into Hell continues with this fifth Arc.

Before I jump into the commentary for this post, thank you very much for your fidelity, comments, and support. Because without your curiosity and interest for my work, it would have been a while since the project would have been abandoned. Many thanks to you and I hope you will continue to read me until we reach the bottom of the 9th Circle.

In this episode, it's the first time I introduce an architectural and complex element as this Hell Gate. In many ways, it's different from the Land of Bodies (Yonkoma # 27) which offered a different difficulty in its design and arrangement.

Although I have my own preferences, references are good to take. Because all Arts are linked and are only the descendants of each other. For the Land of bodies, my references are the opening of the James Bond film saga, a scene in Blade Runner 2049 and the Nexus of the manga Berserk.

While for the Gate of the 5th circle, I was inspired by the monumental sculptures of Auguste Rodin, the Gates of Hell. At the same time, this work allowed me to concretely apply lessons, knowledges and techniques on perspective.

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Erosu MOe KOwai Sinners ! (^_^)





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