Happy Fuck 2022 !!!

HAPPY FUCK 2022 !!! (Click on the picture for downloading)

Published by Kyuken on January, 14th, 2022.

In 2020, Helfreija the Goddess of Lust wished you a happy new year by showing her buttocks in a close-up view.
Then in 2021, she tried to ward off the Evil Eye by pushing a flying penis into the vagina.
And now, this year, you will be able to see her in a Happy Fuck in a cowgirl position while another hard, long and turgid member is approaching her rear door.

Happy Fuck, Sinners !

This is the third time I've produced and offered to you as the first illustration of the year, a lewd artwork. I guess this habit has become a kind of tradition.

In all cases, you can download this illustration by clicking on (and copy) the corresponding word or picture at the top of this post.

In addition, I have the impression that the year 2022 starts off mixed. Also because the Covid-19 pandemic and the somewhat conflicting news in the eastern countries.
Not to mention there will be in France, the next presidential elections.
In my opinion, a big joke of people who want to show who has the biggest sword without taking the magnitude of their responsibilities. A real competition of egos. (>_<)

That's why, I'm feeling grumpy and also explains the proposal of this artwork without use the usual formula for vows.

Yes ! It is in a way a political rant. (>_<)

I am afraid this year isn't going to be a great year. Just that it doesn't get worse and everything will be fine. Otherwise, opening the rear door will be hard.We will see.

I wish you a Happy Fuck and my best wishes.

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Erosu MOe KOwai Sinners ! (^_^)


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