When the War lost her Panties

When the War lost her Panties - Logo
is an original turn-based strategy cardgame in the universe of Why the Lust doesn't wear Panties ?
Each player builds an army of Heroes and Units to go to War.
In the End, only one army will remain and victory will only be achieved by defeating the oppposing Force.

Game Rules

Character Cards

To play When the War lost her Panties you will need character cards representing heroes and units of your army.
Heroes are distinguished from normal units by yellow outlines run through the cards.
Both heroes and units, each charater is represented by two cards. The first shows the attributes, while the second card corresponds to the character's skills that can be used during a game.

Important !!! Heroes with the same name can only appear once per army regardless of the subtitle.

The Battlefield

In When the War lost her Panties, two players face each other and have their own Game Area divided into three parts :
When the War lost her Panties - Overview of the Battlefield

How to play "When the War lost her Panties" ?

The course of a game

The Battle is divided into different phases which are as follows :

Card List

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